Alia Bhatt finally opens up about her flop movie Shaandaar

Udta Punjab star Alia Bhatt finally confessed how she felt about her 2015 flop movie Shaandaar. Read it here.

Alia Bhatt Alia Bhatt finally opens up about her flop movie Shaandaar Source : Press

One of Bollywood's greatest find in the new generation, actress Alia Bhatt has created a niche for herself. She has not only had hits to her credit but also delivered mature, powerful performances that showcased her growth as an actor. But the actress has only one major flop Shaandaar which always manages to grab spotlight despite Alia's tremendous success.

So in a recent interview, the Udta Punjab actress finally opened up about on the infamous movie saying. "I had a feeling, it was not a good film and I agree with you and I saw it, I felt it also and I told Vikas very honestly ‘I think we made a mistake over here, it has not gone well.' But I regret nothing about Shaandaar and I still had a blast on set and I had a great working experience with everyone. But I think if we set out to make a film that we couldn't put together, I don't want to blame Vikas for it. I think everybody is at fault, we were all in this together. But ya, I think you get a sense. A little bit of sense I had started getting, thoda sa palpitation I started getting which is why I was like gaana par focus karo, gaana acha hona chahiye, I need to get at least 5 performances out of this film, which I'm still getting so ya nothing is lost. "

Well its a great gesture from the actress that even though the movie was flop she is stuck by her decisions. Alia's next is Raazi where she will be essaying a role of a Kashmiri girl married to a Pakistani soldier.