Ajay Devgn wants to keep daughter Nysa low key!

While a lot of stars are flaunting their star kids, at different events with them, Ajay Devgn on the other hand tries to keep his daughter low key. Here is the reason.

Ajay Devgn Ajay Devgn wants to keep daughter Nysa low key! Source : Press

Ajay Devgn probably comes out as one of the most genuine and honest man in the industry, although his latest release Shivaay is doing an average business currently, the man has a heart that compensates for it all. He is rarely seen in any award function, perhaps because he believes he has much more in life to achieve. So, with such upfront and great thoughts, we do not expect anything less than this for his children too. While all other stars are busy taking their kids to someone or the others party or Instagramming their 'hot pics', this man has a completely different take on it. The 'Singham' actor was reportedly seen saying to a leading daily "You will see me and my daughter in public when I am trying to teach her something or tell her about something that will change her perception about things in the society. You have seen her at the Smile Foundation campaign for girls. You saw her at another event which was about helping the underprivileged kids. So, what I mean is that you will not see her with me at any celebrity event."

Sure, that sounds so perfect and makes so much of sense. Ajay apart from his 13 year old daughter Nysa, he also has a son named yug, who is 6 year old apparently. Ajay Devgn married Kajol in the year 1999, and have been the happiest couple since then. While now and then, it is common for us to hear news, of some bollywood couple breaking up, never has it been in their case. Sure, shows their bonding and loyalty.