Aishwarya Rai has never canned her wardrobe

The actress is seen talking about how she has never planned her red carpet looks, at all in these years. She always relies on her designers generally for most of her looks.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Aishwarya Rai hasn't canned her wardrobe Source : Press

Whenever Aishwarya Rai has stepped on the Red Carpet at Cannes she has been criticized as well as scrutinized. It is only that the last few years the actress has received no flak for her sense of dressing. She has stepped confidently in whatever she wears. However this wasn’t the case this time, while the audiences loved her other two looks that in the red gown with the perfect makeup, or that of the golden long dress that she had worn there were a lot of talks about her final look in the floral gown, about her makeup to be specific. Although her dress was loved by one and all, what caught people’s attention was her lilac lipstick? A lot was said and written about the some, while some called her bold enough to carry that look, others said it was a complete mismatch. However, Aishwarya Rai had mentioned earlier how she has never planned her red carpet outfits nor does she lose sleep over it. The actress had apparently said "I have never planned my outfits. I am just like you girls I go with what works, what fits. So you will see it when I see it." But we are certain that the ex-miss world sure knows how to draw attention at the red carpet. However people may have judged her, she sure made head turns at the red carpet

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