After exiting Mogul to support MeToo, Aamir Khan is back on board with the film

Aamir Khan returns as the producer of Gulshan Kumar biopic. He might as well play Gulshan Kumar in the film

Aamir Khan After exiting Mogul to support MeToo, Aamir Khan is back on board with the film Source : Press

The MeToo movement has engulfed controversies by exposing the sexual harassment perpetrators of Bollywood. Many filmmakers and actors have pledged to break their ties with the proven sexual offenders.

Some weeks ago, Subhash Kapoor was ousted from Gulshan Kumar biopic as its director, owing to the sexual harassment accusations levelled at him by a woman. Considering the severity of the MeToo movement, Aamir Khan chose to step back from the biopic in support of the victim of abuse.

Commenting about the same, the actor-producer and his wife Kiran issued a joint statement, "As creative people, we have been committed to foregrounding and finding solutions to social issues, and at Aamir Khan Productions we have always had a zerotolerance policy towards sexual misconduct and predatory behaviour of any kind. We strongly condemn any act of sexual harassment, and equally we condemn any and all false accusations in such cases."

After comprehending the severity of the issue, Aamir Khan has distanced himself from taking names of the culprit or confirming the allegations hurled over Subhash Kapoor. This compelled Aamir to take a step back from the movie.

Aamir had added, "We do not want our action to reflect in any manner on the people involved in this case. We believe that this is an opportunity for the film industry to introspect and take concrete steps towards change. For too long, women have faced the brunt of sexual exploitation. It has to stop. In this regard, we are committed to doing any and everything to make our film industry a safe and happy one to work in."

As per the latest reports, Aamir Khan has returned back to the film as the producer. The actor-producer might as well play the role of Gulshan Kumar in the biopic. Informing about the development, a source close to the project revealed to a leading tabloid, "The script is close to Aamir and he wants to make the film. Bhushan and he have had a number of meetings since and decided to collaborate on Mogul again. The hunt is on for another director. They are also looking at finalising the cast so they can roll with the film, asap."