A person is termed ‘un-patriotic’ if he speaks against the government, says Kabir Khan

Filmmaker Kabir Khan has opened up in an interview and said that the present scenario in the country is very aggressive and opinions are often termed ‘anti-national’.

Kabir Khan A person is termed ‘un-patriotic’ if he speaks against the government, says Kabir Khan Source : Press

Filmmaker, Kabir Khan recently opened up about the political situation in India and how it affects the filmmakers. Talking about the present scenario, he feels that anyone who voices his concern against the government is termed ‘un-patriotic’ and ‘anti-national’ by the people. Voicing his opinion, Kabir said that he believes that the greatness of the country is that people should be able to put their point of view forward for betterment. “The problem with this current disposition is that a clever narrative has been spun around that if you say anything against the ruling party or anything against the government, it is equal to saying something against the country,” he said.

Kabir also said that people often tell him that he should keep his opinions to himself as it may cause a backlash. But filmmaker believes that it would be hypocritical on his part to take a diplomatic stance in his real life as most of his film shave had political backdrops. Recalling his earlier experiences while he had just started a filmmaker, Kabir said that he was often advised by people to keep politics out of his films and they considered it a taboo. But he did not pay heed to these suggestions and his films worked at the box office.

He is currently heading the post-production of his next film with Salman Khan which has been titled ‘Tubelight’. The release date of the film has been set for June 25 and will be the first big budgeted film to release in summer. 

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