"O Vatsyayana"​ is Kabir's Next Web Series

Actor-director Mr. Kabir Sadanand has taken time out to chat with us and gave us maximum details of his new series 'O Vatsyayana.'

Kabir Sadanand,O Vatsyayana O Vatsyayana is Kabir's Next Web Series Source : Lehren Networks

After giving us two back to back super-successful web series - Virgin Woman Diaries and Married Woman Diaries, Actor/Director/Producer or as people call him, the man with many hats - Mr. Kabir Sadanand is coming up with yet another series 'O Vatsyayana,' which would premiere on Frogs Lehren Youtube channel.

We got an opportunity to interview the man himself and ask him to throw some light on his upcoming series.

Lehren - You're currently making waves with the two celebrated web series - Virgin Woman Diaries and Married Woman Diaries. So how has your journey been so far?

Kabir - A year ago, when we had decided that we're going to get into the digital space, everyone told us that it is a chock-a-block. We believed in our content, took the risk and now we have crossed about a lakh subscribers and just the season 1 of Married Woman Diaries has garnered over 50 million views which is a commendable success ratio according to us. It's just a start, Frogs Lehren is something we see a big future in and there's a lot more to come.

- There is a lot of buzz about the new web series that you're coming up with. Would you like to tell us something about it? Like what was your inspiration, the name of the series and what is it all about?

Kabir - It's called 'O Vatsyayana.' The idea was passed on to me by Mr. Ajay Rawal, who heads the Kamasutra marketing department. One day, he asked me a question - "Do you know the one sport which is enjoyed all over the world and is the most popular?" After racking my brains I said, Football, Baseball, etc. He said, "No, it's sex." That's when it hit me and I thought of a protagonist who will be the modern-day Vatsayana (who wrote the Kamasutra) and explain the book in a more entertaining way. It is not a book only about sexual positions, but also about mutual respect between partners. It's a subject that needs to be told, specially in today's time.

Lehren - Where do you place yourself amongst other digital content producers like AIB, TVF, EIC, SNG, etc.?

Kabir - If I say in one word - We're Clean.

Lehren - What is your industrial outlook on the rise of Digital Content?

Kabir - Okay, I'll be very clear about this. I have actually put all my film projects on hold and decided to concentrate on the online space. I think the digital space is the future, so it's best to be here, first.

Lehren - Lastly, what are your plans after 'O Vatsyayana?'

Kabir - Right now we have Married Woman Diaries - Phase 2 on Sony Liv and Youtube, then there's 'O Vatsyayana' and thereafter we will come up with the Phase 2 of Virgin Woman Diaries as we've lots of requests coming in. All in all, this is not only going to be an entertainment block, we're going to diversify into multiple things which the digital platform is greatly known for i.e. to be there and to answer everything for every need.

Well, we are pretty hyped and we are sure the viewers too are super excited about your new series. Here's wishing Frogs Lehren team all the best!