Who will you prefer: Arijit Singh or Atif Aslam.

Arjit is the soul of the Bollywood music industry but Atif is the heart of it, there’s no way to decide which one of these two brilliant and talented artists is better but for you, we are certainly going to try. Arijit’s songs get deeply into our hearts and Atif’s melodious voice makes us feel at peace.

Who will you prefer: Arijit Singh or Atif Aslam. Who will you prefer: Arijit Singh or Atif Aslam. Source : Press

Read the article below to know how we attempted to decide the better singer amongst the two of these. Atif versus Arijit, who do you think is the better one?

Other than in cricket matches, India versus Pakistan gets interesting when it comes to Arijit and Atif. Let us see the comparison between them and try to pick the best one out of them.

ATIF ASLAM: Atif Aslam has sung a total of 29 songs and each one of them was quite a big hit. The total number of awards won by the Pakistani singer is 15 and we can easily say that they were well deserved by him. His songs have away to make us feel certain emotions and the expressiveness of his melodious voice is beyond perfection.

ARIJIT SINGH: The very popular Indian playback singer Arijit is considered to be one the most versatile and successful singers in the history of Indian music industry. The total number of songs Arijit has sung is 91, which is thrice the number of songs that Atif has sung. Arijit has won around 16 awards for his lovely Bollywood songs.

Now, before coming to any decision, let’s get one thing clear, Arijit and Atif are both excellent and very talented artists. They deserve every bit of love that they receive. But, because of Atif’s nationality, which is Pakistani, he had, most certainly, received lesser opportunities as compared to Arijit.

Keeping that in mind, We think Arijit is the better choice. Wait! We do have an explanation for our decision, some might say “quality over quantity” but Arijit sung many songs that were different that what we would expect and versatility is sure a major reason behind our decision. Being able to sing songs that are not what he is identified for is a skill that singers must have.

That’s just our opinion and well, opinions aren’t facts. So there.