Top 10 Bollywood Star Kids Who Flopped At The Box-Office

Star kids are born with a silver spoon and an easy entry to Bollywood, however connection is not the only requirement for making a decent career in Bollywood. Some star kids make it big in the Indian cinema but Some fail miserably. Here’s a list of the celebrity kids who fall in the latter category.

Top 10 Bollywood star kids who flopped at the box office Top 10 Bollywood star kids who flopped at the box office Source : Press

Tusshar Kapoor: We, undoubtedly, had high hopes from the Son of Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor but his performances were a slap in the face of all the fans of Bollywood superstar Aka Jumping jack. The only character played by him that seems to have had any liking or fan base was of “lucky”, in the Golmaal series. But even lucky had a speech disability so I think it’s safe to say that Tusshar ne koi tohfatohfa NAHI Laya Laya. 

Fardeen Khan: Fardeen Khan tried his luck in Bollywood and fell right on his face. His career ended even before it had begun to rise. The son of Feroz Khan and Sundari Khan is “an Indian former film actor” ( as google likes to call him ) who apparently have had only 2 hit films. This star kid had no acting skills and giving up on his Bollywood career was the right thing to do.   

Luv Sinha: Luv Sinha tried his career as a Bollywood actor and gave up pretty easily. Shatrughan Sinha’s son and Sonakshi Sinha’s Brother only appeared in two movies, neither of them being a hit. 

Esha Deol: If Dharmendra and Hema Malini’s daughter could not make it in the Indian cinema, I can finally believe that talent, skills and hard work are really the requirements for being a successful Bollywood actor. Esha Deol was good but it was clear after her initial performances that Bollywood needs more than just a pretty faces. 

Soha Ali Khan: Soha Ali khan, sister of Saif Ali Khan and daughter of Sharmila Tagore basically jumped her way into Bollywood and then jumped right back off. she wasn’t even that bad but her career graph fell almost instantaneously after a few bad performances. 

Uday Chopra: Uday Chopra, son of Yash Chopra, appeared in some films but not many of them were worth remembering. He last appeared in ‘Dhoom 3’ and will probably only appear in Dhoom 4 (if they decide to make it). If you ask teenagers about him, they’ll tell you that he’s irrelevant. 

Tanisha Mukerjee: Famous Bollywood actress Tanuja’s younger daughter Tanisha Mukerjee did not get a big break in Bollywood like her sister Kajol did. All that we can remember about her is that she was a Bigg Boss contestant but nothing more to add to it. 

Mimoh AKA Mahaakshay Chakraborty:  Superstar Minthunda’s son’s debut film “jimmy” was a massive failure. It received an embarrassing rating of 1.6/10 points by IMDb. His career went downhill then and there itself.                

Neil Nitin Mukesh: This celeb kid adds the name of his father and grandfather to his name but he couldn’t add his niche in the Indian film industry. Despite  being incredibly good looking, Neil’s acting skills are truly weak and that makes him one of the flop star kids of India. 

Zoa Morani:  Zoa Morani, Daughter of an Indian film producer, Karim Morani, only appeared in Two movies and I’m quiet sure that nobody’s ever even heard of her. Zoa Morani failed to win the recognition as an actor and decided to get into the directing field, where she failed too.