These Signs Prove That You Are A Die Hard Ranveer Singh fan

Did you know that Ranveer is a Mama’s boy? NO? Here are some signs to prove that you’re a die hard Ranveer Singh fan.

These Signs Prove That You Are A Die Hard Ranveer Singh fan These Signs Prove That You Are A Die Hard Ranveer Singh fan Source : Press

The Sensational sweetheart of Bollywood Ranveer is making our hearts skip a beat with his beautiful smile and contagious energy.

You know what Ranveer Singh did before he entered the film industry
If you’re a die hard Ranveer fan, you’d know that our Darling Ranveer worked for a few years in advertising as a copywriter, with agencies such as O&M and J.Walter Thompson.

You know that Ranveer Singh and Sonam Kapoor are second cousins
Not just anybody knows “the powerhouse of energy” that is Ranveer Singh happens to be Sonam Kapoor’s aunt’s son. Even after being related to the filmy family, Ranveer had to deal with the fair share of struggle in Bollywood before he made it big.

Ranveer’s pool pictures give you sleepless nights
Fans call Ranveer “The Sexiest Bollywood Actor”, But when he posted his pool pictures on Instagram, the ladies went crazzaayyy. Ranveer is known to make the best out of every moment and he did something similar while chilling in the pool.

Ranveer Singh

You follow Ranveer Singh’s fanclub accounts on Instagram
Just like any other superstar, Talented Ranveer has given rise to many many fans and what do these fans bring along? Yes you are correct, THE FAN CLUB ACCOUNTS. These fan clubs constantly post content about Ranveer Singh And if you don’t follow these accounts, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re not a die hard Ranveer Singh fan.

You catch yourself singing “Apna Time Ayega”
Ranveer, undoubtedly, outdid himself in the movie “gully boy”. “Apna time ayega” has got to to be one of the most popular songs of 2019. In this movie Ranveer proved to his audience that he can do more than just act. Ranveer Bohot hard hai bhai.

Ranveer Singh