Swara Bhaskar supports campaign against sexual abuse.

Swara Bhaskar has been one actress who has voiced her opinion on social issues, especially women's safety, education and other issues affecting society.

Swara Bhaskar Swara Bhaskar supports campaign against sexual abuse. Source : Press

Swara Bhaskar has always stood up for the cause of women and this time she has once again stood up for a campaign against child sexual abuse. The actress has shot a video creating awareness for the same. Swara will be seen narrating poetries for children revealing the shameful act which is rampant in our society. According to a survey on child sexual abuse in the country, it is said that every second a child has been subjected to one or more forms of sexual abuse. Swara says, "We all know that CSA is prevalent in our society but to this extent? Really made me feel that I should raise my voice and do everything I can do to increase awareness and dialogue in the society." "These poems are written by Manish Gupta. This video is part of a 'Hindi Kavita' project that is not just a YouTube channel - it's a social revolution. Primarily, they are dedicated to making Hindi / Urdu cool and more inspirational. When they shared the data that every other child is affected by CSA, I was shocked. There was no way I could stay away from such a cause," she added.

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