Randeep Hooda jails himself for his upcoming film Sarbjit

Well not literally, but Randeep Hooda chained himself with handcuffs for his upcoming film Sarbjit. The actor has always been known for his method acting, an d he is seen doing same here.

Randeep Hooda Randeep Hooda jails himself Source : Press

We all know that Randeep Hooda is one actor who can go to the extremes when it comes to his role in movies. We now hear that the actor handcuffed himself and jailed himself to get into the intensity of the role for his upcoming film Sarbjit. Omung Kumar's film Sarbjit has been garnering a lot of attention. His characters right from Randeep Hooda, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Richa Chadda have gone out of their way to get into the characters they play in the movie. Randeep Hooda who is playing the protagonist’s role has already stunned the audience with his exceptional look in the movie. Sources close to the actor inform that "before he started shooting for the film Randeep chained himself with handcuffs weighing approximately 2.5kgs each to get into the feel of a prisoner." "Most of us know that Sarbjit was trapped in Pakistan Jail for years but we are not aware that he was tortured too. To understand Sarbjit’s pain and intensity, Randeep got a dummy jail made in an area of just 6X4 feet where he spent his entire day, fully chained with minimum supply of food intake. In spite of great irritation and pain, the actor didn’t give up in his self-made training and went beyond his limits to get the realistic performance on screen" inform the sources. Director Omung Kumar says "Randeep has been very dedicated and went out of his way to work on the character. He has been known for his method acting but with my film Randeep has given his entire heart and soul. He has been so dedicated that it needs to be acknowledged and it is very visible in the movie too."

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