Performances Of Swara Bhaskar Which Prove That She Is A Rockstar In Every Role

Justifying every role, Swara Bhaskar is probably one of the top 5 finest actresses in Bollywood right now. Irrespective of the size of the role or the reach of the film.5 best performances of Swara Bhaskar which proves that she is a real rockstar, no matter how big or small the film or her role is.

Performances Of Swara Bhaskar Which Prove That She Is A Rockstar In Every Role Performances Of Swara Bhaskar Which Prove That She Is A Rockstar In Every Role Source : Press

Swara Bhaskar has quickly become the most sort out Actress in Bollywood. Her last movie veere di wedding got lots of Appreciation from the audience as well as the critics. Swara Bhaskar made her to Bollywood in an unconventional way doing all kinds of the diverse role which defines her versatility.

·         Anarkali of Aarah: There is simply no debate over the fact that Anarkali Of Aarah has been the career-best performance of Swara Bhaskar. Swara as Anarkali was bold, Beautiful and enduring in the movie as she reacts and flushes out her character with necessary coarseness required for the film.

·         Tanu Weds Manu: Swara played the role of Payal Sinha who is the best friend of Kangana character and played it beautifully. Swara was laid one and Swara brought an essence to the role which most of the actors cannot do. This is one ‘heroine’s friend’ who has a life beyond the heroine and Swara managed to bring all these fresh perspectives in a role where her screen time was considerably limited.

·         Raanjhanaa: Sonam Kapoor and Dhanush were in lead roles in this movie but Swara made a lasting impression on all of us. Her deep live for Kundan played of Dhanush not only taught us what true love is but also made us realise how one can let of love even at the cost of getting hurt. she literally owned her role and gave us one of our favourite supporting characters ever.

·         Nil Battey Santa: Best movie of 2015. The movie follows the story of household maid a mother of a teenage daughter who decides to go to school with her daughter and clarify how education can change everything, which was not an easy role and swara performance got lots of appreciation for her role which was beautifully supported by other casts.

·         Veere di Wedding: It was about a strong female bond of 4 female friends and how they navigate theirlives through thick and thin. Swara is seen playing the role of a not so happy wife with no chemistry with her husband. Her pleasing herself scene became the talk of the town and got the audience talking both in favour and against her.