Nargis Fakhri “Life in short is like a Roller Coaster ride”

Nargis Fakhri, entered the film industry with - Rockstar .Since then there has been no looking back for this beautiful petite actress. Check out what she has to say in this candid interview

Nargis Fakhri “Life in short is like a Roller Coaster ride” Nargis Fakhri Source : Press

Nargis speaks her heart out about her life experiences to Lipika Varma in an exclusive chat

On real life landing in India

"Many great things happened with me while I landed in Mumbai the very first time. While landing it was late night, I could hardly see anything. My inquisitiveness knew no bounds I had not done any research before boarding the flight. Putting both my hands on my face looking down from my window seat I could find people moving here and there .Crowds of people moving crazily here and there. I waited for the crowds to get over but Alas! All in vain. I could also see cows and other few animals moving around. I could also hear the yelling of the hawkers while moving out in search of a cab. This place seemed to have never ending crowd. I was like so scared that I did not come out of my room for at least two days."

Walking on the streets for the first time adding more experiences Nargis adds,

"I came down from my room the next day as I needed a sim card. But I did not know how to begin as I did not know the language. Luckily, a decent dude came up to me and extended his help. He then even provided with his ID card to enable me to get the Sim Card. I was really obliged and it is then I felt the guys here are really helpful".

Having received an open arm reception in Bollywood she says,

"I am really blessed to have got work here. I did face ups and downs as well. When I am not doing films –I am busy doing my commercials etc. I always feel oh my god people work very hard here and I have no time for holidays. I love travelling. But now it is impossible for me to walk down the streets of India as my fans recognize me and in wonderment they come close to me. However, I opine that may be after ten years when I am done with my job, I shall go back home. After few years come and explore India which is a vast country with diverse culture, I will then travel the whole of India, and then I think no one will follow me".

However, working here in Hindi films Nargis has always wished a few things,

"I always pray to the Omni present power from the Universe –to put me with good hearted people and kind souls, because I am very sensitive. I am glad that normal people are really very clean at heart. Many such people have always helped me"

Nargis has learnt a lot from life,

"Life has taught me lot many things .Majorly, I trust my gut feelings always tunes with the body language. This gut feeling has never gone wrong. I have also come across some fake people around here but I only pray to the almighty God to give them compassion. I try to keep distance with such fake people, especially those who talk about you without knowing what one must be going through. I know some people in the industry do not like me but I keep away from them. I don’t like negative energies around me. I guess everyone has the insecure feelings….even the prettiest woman looks into the mirror and feels something is lacking there."

Explaining  life in short Nargis says,

"Life in short is like a ,”Roller Coaster ride” we have to bring in all our experiences in order to survive during all our ups and downs. So guys my message for all those coming to work should not take their ups and downs seriously –get ready for an adventure. One needs to become strong while experiencing sad and happy things in life ……follow your gut feelings and go ahead in life. Success will all be yours.” She concludes with a smile.