Kiara advani : The next big thing in bollywood?

The massive success of Kabir Singh has put the spotlight on the talented actress Kiara Advani. Will she live up to the expectations to rise up the ranks?

Kiara advani : The next big thing in bollywood? Kiara advani : The next big thing in bollywood? Source : Press

The very talented actress is slowely hiking up her success in bollywood and emerging as a very promosing actress of the inductry. But she has been in the race for while, let’s look at some of the exceptional performances by Kiara Advani that is proof enough for her being the next big thing in Bollywood.

The stunning 26 year old actress made her bollywood debut by the 2014 released comedy ‘Fugly’. Kiara gained recognition for her performance in the film and was appreciated by the masses. Being related to many prominent faces of bollywood, it is safe to say that she has acting flowing in her blood and it certainly shows through her performances over the years.

With her charms and talents, this emerging star managed to bag another big role, starring alongside Sushant Singh Rajput in the biopic M.S Dhoni: The untold story. Her on screen chemistry with her co star and her performance was highly praised by the fans. She went on to make big hits in Telugu movies like Bharat Ane Nenu, which became Telugu cinema’s highest grossers.

But success is not constant. Kiara also had to face the impact of flop movies and negative remarks on her performances. This did not waver the actor but instead helped her grow extraordinarily and treat her fans with movies like Kabir Singh.

The commercially successful movie helped her reach an audience who appreciated her performance. Her chemistry with Superstar Shahid Kapoor has rendered every viewer speechless.

Though she’s just got started, her short journey shows some massive potential and proves how versatile of an actress she is. Her talent matched with her beauty has made quite an impression on the audiences and has got people debating on whether she is the next big thing of bollywood. She surely promises to provide us some memorable performances and a promising career.