Circumstances make woman a prostitute, no one choses to be one, says Vidya Balan

Actress Vidya Balan has said that no woman chooses to become a prostitute and circumstances lead to such situations.

Vidya Balan Circumstances make woman a prostitute, no one choses to be one, says Vidya Balan

While the film may have failed to attract the kind of viewers that it expected, the critics have hailed Vidya Balan’s powerful performance as the head of a brothel in ‘Begum Jaan’ which is currently running in theatres. The film is based in the backdrop of partition and deals with the story of 11 sex workers working in a brothel. Vidya Balan opened up in a recent interview and spoke about her latest film and her movie choices in general which set her apart from other actresses.

Vidya talked about her role in the film which is that of a ‘madam; in a brothel. “No woman chooses to be a prostitute; her circumstances must have led Begum Jaan to be one. But, she cannot be slut-shamed. Since this is what she does, she may as well play on the front foot,” she said. The actress always chooses characters in her films which have a strong personality. Talking about the same, Vidya said that all the characters that she chooses to play are well rounded women. The actress is interested in playing people who are closer to real life and not just some fictional personality. 

She also talked about her relationship with her family and said that anyone from her family will tell that she is a short-tempered person. She attributes the reason to her profession. As an actor, she lets things affect her which makes her a thin-skinned person. ‘Begum Jaan’ is currently running in theatres all over the country.