Bollywood’s ultimate fashion diva: Alia Bhatt

ALIA BHATT, undoubtably, is one of the cutest and brightest Bollywood actresses. Her career may have just begun but she has definitely proved herself to be very talented, professional and skilled

Bollywood’s ultimate fashion diva: Alia Bhatt Bollywood’s ultimate fashion diva: Alia Bhatt Source : Press

Alia Bhatt’s fashion sense is at par with the current fashion trends of the world. Here’s a list of reasons, why Alia is Bollywood’s ultimate fashion diva.

 1. She makes traditional outfits look beautiful AND SEXY: As good as she makes western clothes look, she makes traditional outfits such as lehengas and sarees look even better. The fashionista knows her ways around dressing and her confidence just adds to the classiness.

Bollywood’s ultimate fashion diva: Alia Bhatt

2. Does not always go fancy: Alia Bhatt is mostly always caught in casual clothes. The cute baby-faced actresses constantly demonstrates how to go super casual and super pretty at the same time. She does make heads turn, when she wears fancy and wildly expensive costumes but she gives us the sigh of relief with her refreshingly casual outfits too.

3. Experimenting with styles: Mixing of styles and making a perfect outfit isn’t as easy as it sounds, But Alia has mastered the technique. She makes every outfit look comfortable with her sweet and genuine smile.

Bollywood’s ultimate fashion diva: Alia Bhatt

4. No-make-up make up: Alia has aced the ‘simple make up’ and the ‘no make up make up’ look. She knows how to rock any outfit without being dependent on heavy make up. Natural looks are always the prettiest and she knows it.

5. She knows how to carry herself and is a confident young lady: Looking stylish while feeling comfortable seems like a very task for Alia. From airport looks to dinner dates, the Student of the year actress knows how to carry any look. She stays true to her style and impresses is pretty often.