5 upcoming web series on Netflix

After the end of big web series, These are 5 upcoming web series from Netflix we should all be waiting eagerly for. Some will be starting in 2019 while few in 2020.

5 upcoming web series on Netflix 5 upcoming web series on Netflix Source : Press

Here are 5 upcoming Web Series from Netflix

1. Jinn (2019)

5 upcoming web series on Netflix

Directed by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya and written by Bassel Ghandour Jinn is an Arabic supernatural drama web television by Kabreet Productions. Jinn consists of five episodes of occult fiction and drama. It's production locations are Amman, Jordan and Petra and it's original language is Arabic. Jinn features a group of young Arab characters and follow a group of teenagers, whose lives are disrupted when a spiritual figure appears in front of them in the ancient city of Petra. They must try and stop Jinn from destroying the world. Jinn will be released on 13 June 2019

2. Leila (2019)

5 upcoming web series on Netflix

Directed by Deep Mehta, Shanker Raman and Pawan Kumar, Leila is a dramatic and dystopian fiction web television. Program creator of Leila is Urmi Juvekar and she is also the writer of the series along with some other writers as Suhani Kanwar and Patrick Graham. Leila consists of six episodes in Hindi language. It's location of production is India. Its first episode will be released on 14 June 2019. Based on Prayaag Akbar's eponymous novel Leila, the web series follows the story of Shalini. After marrying Riz, a Muslim man, Shalini changes her religion. They live in a near future where communities in the district live in ghettoed areas in accordance to their caste, religion and income. Very soon at the age of three, their daughter Leila goes missing and Riz dies. Sixteen years later, Shalini tries to find her disappeared daughter.

3. The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

5 upcoming web series on Netflix

Directed by Louis Leterrier and composed by Daniel Pemberton and Samuel Sim, The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance is a fantasy series releasing on 30th August 2019 in English. The web series consists of 10 episodes. It's country of origin is US.

The series is prequel to the Jim Henson's film The Dark Crystal. The story follows three Gelflings - Rian, Brea and Deet, who inspire a rebellion against the Skeksis when they discover a horrifying secret behind their power that threatens their world of Thra.

4. The Politician

5 upcoming web series on Netflix

The Politician is a musical, comedy web series releasing on 27 September 2019. It's production company is Fox 21 Television Studios and country of origin United States with English language. Executive producers are Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan and Ben Platt. Program creators - Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. It is a American comedy web television. The Politician is set to revolve around 'the politicians aspirations of Platt's Payton Hobart, a wealthy Santa Barbarian and every season will revolve around a different political race his character is involved in.'

5. Spectros (2020)

5 upcoming web series on Netflix

Directed by Douglas Petrie, Spectros is a Brazilian supernatural thriller web television with it's country of origin as Brazil and language as Portuguese.The 8 episodes of Spectros are  releasing in the year 2020. The series will be a mixture of Brazilian folklore and history with elements of Japanese ghost tales represented by the colourful streets of Liberdade district home to the largest Japanese community Japan in the world according to the director Doug Petrie.

Set at the Liberdade district, in Saõ Paulo, Spectros will tell the story of a group of 5 teenagers who are accidentally attracted to a supernatural reality that they cannot comprehend and that connects to the same location of the city in 1908. When confronted by increasing bizzare and gloomy events, the group comes to an inevitable conclusion: someone is bringing death back and spirits want revenge for the mistakes committed in the past.