5 Times When Shah Rukh Khan Made Poor Film Choices

Here 5 times when the King Khan Of Bollywood made poor script choices.

Shah Rukh Khan 5 Times When Shah Rukh Khan Made Poor Film Choices Source : Press

Arguably one of the biggest star in Bollywood and certainly one of the highest paid, Shah Rukh Khan, isn't what he used to be. Charm, romance, that hard-to-pin-down quality, hit film after hit film - he had it all. But the 50-something actor star's return to conventional lover boy terrain, with dimpled smile and that quizzical crinkling of the eyebrows, has put an explicit question mark over his crown as the box office king, and, most importantly, his choice of films.

So here 5 times when the King Khan Of Bollywood made poor script choices -

Jab Tak Hai Jaan - Even though we have a tremendous amount of respect for late director Yash Chopra, his last directorial starring Shah Rukh Khan failed to impress the audience. In spite of the fact that Shah Rukh Khan tried his best, prancing around his love trying to woo her with his trademark charm and dimpled cheeks, feeble plot-lines and unjustified love-triangles failed the film.

Happy New Year - We all know whenever we watch a Farah Khan movie, we do not get the desired cinematic experience but receive the lack of logic that surrounds us. The actor probably did the movie hoping it to be another Om Shanti Om but the movie which can hardly be called a heist/caper film made us feel that it isn't Shah Rukh but a doppelganger working instead of him!

Jab Harry Met Sejal - This was the latest of Shah Rukh Khan movies to hit the theaters which turned out to be a huge disappointment for the audience. Director Imitiaz Ali, one of Bollywood's most promising filmmaker made a movie thinking that audience might lap up any movie with SRK in it despite being full of humorless humor and lazy writing. The movie to no one surprise was a big flop.

Ra. One - At the peak of his career, Shah Rukh attempted to make a superhero movie apparently for kids and failed miserably. Even as Shah Rukh Khan flies over buildings, jumps over cars and even stops an out-of-control train with his bare hands, his valiant efforts to wow his audiences somewhat fail thanks to a weak storyline, some rather juvenile acting, and a poor screenplay.