5 signs of a typical Salman Khan Fan

The Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has one of the the largest fandom community in the world.

5 signs of a typical Salman Khan Fan 5 signs of a typical Salman Khan Fan Source : Press

Salman Khan is a heartthrob amongst the ladies. And a Sallu bhai to look up to for the boys. He is what he is and behaves very Naturally. The celeb has had multiple high profile relationships with other celebs but one thing that never changed is his large Fandom.

Here are 5 signs to spot a Salman Khan fan

Salman’s fans never address with his real name: Have you ever caught anyone saying “Bhai ka Naya movie dekha?” Or “Chal Bhai ki movie dekhne jaate hai”? If yes then you have just spotted a true die hard ‘sallu’ fan. Fans talk about him as if they’re actually related to Salman Khan. It might be a sign of respect but Salman actually enjoys being called ‘Bhai’.

They own multiple being human merchandise: Every fan of Salman’s own at least 1 ‘being human’ tee. Most of the fans don’t even know what the organisation does or that it works towards the welfare of the society as an NGO but just because it’s ‘bhai ka brand’ they have to have it.

They turn deaf to all the accusations laid on him: Arguing or discussing with a true ‘bhai ka fan’ about all the accusations laid on him is not an ideal thing to do. Not only will they start to dislike you but will also give you a very long lecture about all the humanitarian stuff he’s been up to.

Eid is their favourite time of the year: Any typical Salman khan’s fan will wait all year for Eid because Sallu bhai releases his movies at that time of the year. For his fans, the movie in fact is kind of like a gift from the bhai.

Their styles change according to his latest film’s look: Where do I even begin to speak about this topic? Ahh. Long parted hair after tere naam, Aviator sunglasses after Dabangg, French beard after kick, The fans copy all of his looks even, if Salman is the only person to be able to pull it off.