5 reasons to go and watch Hindi Medium right now!

Here are the five reasons which should be enough to make you understand why Hindi Medium should be you pick of this week.

Hindi Medium 5 reasons to go and watch Hindi Medium right now! Source : Press

The clash of this week at the box-office is between Half Girlfriend and Hindi Medium and while you might not be very happy with Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor starrer Half Girlfriend, you still have a way to save your weekend and that is Hindi Medium.  We are not saying this without proof and here are the 5 reasons which are more than enough to make you go and watch Hindi Medium RIGHT NOW!

Interesting Storyline:

While Hindi Medium is a comical satire on Indian Education system, it also deals with some interesting plot lines which could have been made into separate movies like, Irrfan and Saba's love story, Deepak Dobriyal and Irrfan's friendship, Saba's relationship with Sanjay Suri and much more. While it is a satire, the movie also deals with emotions like desperation, love, and manipulation.

Irrfan Khan:

Hindi Medium's biggest hero is Irrfan Khan. The actor has done it again. You will instantly get hooked on the character of Raj Batra who is rich enough to do anything and is doing everything no matter wrong or right to be a good husband and a good father. But his change in attitude when he realizes that in being a great husband and great father, he is now losing his identity of a good person is what steals the show.

Amazing Cast:

Talking about the other cast members including Saba Qamar, Deepak Dobriyal, Amrita Singh, Delzad Hiwale, all of them did a great job. May it be Saba Qamar as a desperate mother who is willing to do anything or Deepak Dobriyal who is a poor guy who is happily fighting the sorrows of life with a smile, you will relate to each and every character.


Hindi Medium has 2 legendary party songs like Oho ho ho and Suit Suit and one really romantic song Hoor where you see Delzad Hiwale being this cute lover boy, it is Ek Jindari which will move you and make your eyes moist when you see the underprivileged kids performing it with perfection and with a dream of a brighter future.

The Message of Being Happy:

While Hindi Medium was a crisp satire, it also had a great message that you don't need to filthy rich to be happy. You don't need money to be happy, you need good people with a pure heart around you to be happy.

Well, we hope that we have given you enough reasons to go and watch Hindi Medium right now. If you have any other then go and watch this movie for that reason but WATCH IT NOW!