5 actresses who have faced abuse by Boyfriends!

There have been several incidents of physical abuse in Bollywood but not many of them end up at the police station. But there are a lot of actresses who went to the police against their boyfriends. Here's are five of the actresses who faced physical abuse

5 actresses 5 actresses who have faced abuse by Boyfriends! Source : Press

1. Aishwarya Rai - There had been rumors about Aishwarya and Salman's abusive relationship for quite a long time but it was official when Aish's parents file police complaint along with a supplementary statement by the actress that was the main point. They filed a complaint against Salman for threatening, stalking and trying to forcefully enter Aishwarya's house. This was confirmed by the Aish as well.

2. Kangana Ranaut - Well, who doesn't know about Kangana's love affairs? There is a complaint at Versova Police station that states that Aditya was abusive. "It was a very difficult and very harsh time. I was physically abused. I don't have to go into details. I felt trapped. You feel people might help you. But there are no free lunches. This man who was my father's age hit me hard when I was 17," Kangana said.

3. Karisma Kapoor - Karisma's ugly divorce with ex-husband Sanjay Kapur, to whom she was married for 13 years, was a fodder for the media. Karisma charged him with the allegations of debauchery and physical abuse. Their divorce was ugly but they have now reached for a settlement.

4. Jiah Khan - Alleged by Jiah Khan's mother, Aditya Pancholi's son Sooraj Pancholi used to physically harass the actress. She also said that Sooraj had forced her to go through an abortion which was the trigger point for her suicide.

5. Preity Zinta - The romance between Preity Zinta and ex-boyfriend Ness Wadia started in 2005, which led to both buying the IPL team together. But soon Preity Zinta filed a complaint against Wadia accusing him of molestation charges, abuse, and threats in 2014.