10 soulful songs of Arijit Singh for every mood

Listening to Music is the way to escape reality for a little while. Arijit Singh has sung songs for all the moods that we find ourselves in. The beautiful voiced singer is popular amongst teenagers and adults of India. Arjit’s name I’m the Bollywood music industry has now become synonymous with perfection

10 soulful songs of Arijit Singh for every mood 10 soulful songs of Arijit Singh for every mood Source : Press

If you are a true Arijit fan, here’s a very important “list of 10 soulful songs by Arijit for every mood” that you can refer to.

1. Tum hi ho: Of course this song is on this list! “Tum hi ho” was everyone’s jam at some point in the year 2013. Arijit’s calming voice adds a vibe of relaxation.

2. Kabira(slow encore): Just as much popularity as the movie garnered, the song was loved twice as much by the audience for its beautifully written lyrics and a deep impactful music.

3. Agar tum sath ho: Perfect song for the perfect movie. The song perfectly described the situation in the movie and this lyrical masterpiece has got to be one of the favourite songs of Indian teenager.

4. Raabta: This was one of the many initial stage songs of Arijit that occupied a special place in our hearts. The song was and still remains in the list of our favourite songs.

5. Janam janam: The chart breaking song has a lovely vibe to it that makes us feel at peace and the heart warming music is just an additional bonus.

6. Channa mereya: A very sad song that we can listen to when we want to vent out our pain internally or just push the tears out of our eyes. The lyrics and the visuals of this song are beyond perfection.

7. Hasi ban Gaye: You’re a liar if you claim to not like this song. 

8. Dilli wali girlfriend: The party song that will make your feet bounce whenever you hear it. The perfect song for a mini dance session.

9. Palat Tera hero idhar hai: The Dhinchak song we never knew we needed. We still hear this song everywhere from chai-vala stalls to clubs.

10. Duaa: The movie “Shanghai” didn’t do well on box office but it’s playlist was a masterpiece.