10 badass Bollywood villains of the ‘80s

So here are some of those villains who by the badass character have rocked the Bollywood entirely in the ’80s

10 badass Bollywood villains of the ‘80s 10 badass Bollywood villains of the ‘80s Source : Press

From scaring the shit out of us to being as creepy as possible to playing the best negative role in Bollywood movies are recognised as best villains. A villain is such a significant character in a movie. Our Bollywood films are incomplete without the devils they are the villains who play a vital role in upbringing the film.

Amrish Puri:-

An Indian actor who banged himself numerous awards as best villain role. He was a man who could garner a multitude of emotions—hate, fear and love—all at the same time. This actor acted in 5 movies in the ’80s as villain amongst which he is best known as Khan in Richard Attenborough's Gandhi (1982) and Puri hit his villainous peak with Mr India (1987).

Danny Denzongpa:-

This actor is known as the alien in Bollywood history as the actor with his aviators and gelled hair, Danny Denzongpa completely nailed this role in the film Agneepath. He plays the character of a self-proclaimed under-world don who takes over a village called Mandwa and also Danny Denzongpa truly hit his stride as the villain in 1980 with the release of The Burning Train.

Prem Chopra:-

One of the most hated guys among film audiences from the early 80s. Prem Chopra had a unique style and was given some of the most awesome villain’s lines of his time. In the 80s, he had quite a run with films like Naseeb, Andha Kanoon, Betaab, Mard and Joshilaay.

Shakti Kapoor:-

In the 80s a suave- looking Shakti Kapoor was an essential part of every Hindi film. He did it all, raped women, sold drugs, killed cops, burnt villages, beat up hero’s with his goons, killed innocent people, drooled, Truly, a jack of all trades. It was a relevant character-type in our cinema, and Kapoor played the spoilt and arrogant with much flair. As the evil Vikram, Shakti Kapoor delivered a powerful performance in the film Qurbaani (1980).In the year 1980-81 when he in his two movies ‘Qurbani' and ‘Rocky' garnered immense success.

Anupam Kher:-

Anupam Kher is a multi-skilled actor. He is not new to negative roles. Kirron Kher says that instead of goody-goody roles, she enjoys seeing her husband and actor Anupam Kher essay negative roles. Anupam Kher has swag the role of villain in his best villainous role film Dr Dang in `Karma` where he sent chills down the viewers` spine.

Om Puri:-

An actor who is loved by the audience due to his villainous role in the movies. Om Puri plays his role as a villain in such a manner that people get attracted to the movie or that movie is remembered due to his villainous roles. Om Puri acted in the film Ardh Satya and aakrosh that carried his career ahead.

Gulshan Grover:-

Fondly known as ‘Badman’ for his numerous villainous roles, Gulshan Grover is an actor that has played over the top characters. Gulshan Grover got recognised around the globe for his negative character in the film Ram Lakhan (1989).

Hamid Ali Khan ( Ajit khan):-

The legendary actor, Hamid Ali Khan, is mostly remembered for playing evil roles with suave and sophistication.His film in the year 1981Khoon Aur Paani where he acted as Thakur Vikram Singh was fantastic.

Kader Khan:-

There are films where Kader Khan gave us his finest performances as a villain. Coolie and Angaar again could've been because his flair for comedy overtook his menacing villainy. Comical villainy is present in Pataal Bhairavi (1985) as well. His villainous roles are definitely some of the best that Bollywood has witnessed as he brought a change in the way villains were portrayed with his very own personal swag.

Goga Kapoor:-

Goga Kapoor, another famous villain of the ’80s and ’90s yet an unknown identity. He had played supporting roles of that of villain's henchmen or that of the gangster. His other notable works include the films Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak