Kamasutra Diaries - EP 08 | O Vatsyayana | Comedy Web Series | FrogsLehren | HD

Menaka appears and Alpha & Omega bring her up to speed on Vastyayan’s shenanigans. An excitedMenaka decides to takes matters in her hands. On earth, Aditya is surprised to see Ananya at hishouse. Ananya is the ultimate seductress and Aditya just cannot get her out of his head. A listlessVatsyayan is distributing condoms to girls in the neighbourhood café. Aditya comes there to look forAnanya and realizes that Adity was spell bound and this could have been done by no one else butMenaka… his lost love… his arch-rival… his nemesis. Vatsyayan confronts Menaka and she informsthat she is ready to break her spell on Aditya if he and Ananya genuinely fall in love.Can Vatsyayan do the impossible? Will Aditya and Ananya now armed with all of Vatsyayan’sknowledge discover true love? What happens in this battle between Menaka and Vatsyayan?

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