WHAT! Tom Hiddleston spotted with a new Blondie!

Just a few weeks ago, we got the news that Hiddleswift are no more together and now we see these new blondies, Afgan Hounds with him in the new Gucci photoshoot.

Tom Hiddleston Tom Hiddleston Source : Press

Tom Hiddleston is back in the market again as we all know that his relationship with Taylor Swift was over. Taylor swift was in this three-month-old relationship, where people also thought that she was just in a rebound relationship with the actor. Anyhow, we are happy that the couple broke up and Tom is back in the market.

But what do we see? Tom Hiddleston in the new Gucci tailoring campaign. Tom Hiddleston is the new face of the campaign of the Cruise 2017 season, how awesome is that! The actor wears one of the finest pantsuit tailored by Italian Maison along with three regal Afgan hounds. Glen Luchford photographed the three blondes with beautiful antiques which helped to set the mood of the photographs. How could these beautiful blondies be still not aware with whom they are being photographed with! 

Check out the pictures below: 


Tom Hiddleston posing with the Afgan Hounds.



Ahhh! How calm the three beauties look with the Mischief Lord.        


Looks like it's sleepy time for the beauty and Loki.


How innocent do they look and makes us want to adopt them both? Ahh!! it can only happen in our dreams. But we just can't get enough of this picture. 


Last but not the least, this picture (above) will sure melt your heart.