Rihanna could be the new fashionista of Hollywood

Our favorite ‘work’ singer, Rihanna seems to be enjoying her life and is giving us some fashion goals. We will tell you how she is a fashionista for us, check out the list!

Rihanna Rihanna could be the new fashionista of Hollywood Source : Press

Rihanna is known as the Barbadian goddess in the music industry. She is well known for her fashion statement and also, of course, her voice. We surely love the way she sings and even the way she carries herself. If we look back in past, RiRi has managed to steal our hearts and made us want to be like her. In a way, she sure gives us some fashion goals. Let’s check out her fashion statements this year in past few months;

1. When she was leaving Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood:

The singer was exiting the nightclub, Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood. She was seen wearing Gucci embroidered denim jacket with a Shear slung over her shoulder.


2. When she was seen wearing a long jacket:

Rihanna was spotted at a nightclub called, Tape. She had covered her long locks in a curved navy cap wearing pinstripes finishing her look with over-sized Pinstripe Denim Jacket which was designed by Matthew Adam Dolan which was featured in Spring 2016.


3. When RiRi was walking in her 6-inch stilettos:

She really shocked her fans by waving at the paparazzi, smiling and walking across the street in those 6-inch stilettos and the internet went crazy on how she managed to not get her heels stuck in those tiny sized holes!


4. When she was a big red heart of love:

After the iconic VMA’s, RiRi was seen flaunting herself in a red heart fur coat in NYC. She wore the fur coat with cute denim shorts and again paired it with curved cap and tie up sandals.


5. And now for the final look, when she decided to dress up with a pink coat:

RiRi wrapped herself with the Ella Boucht baby pink coat which she flawlessly drooped on her shoulders, and this was just last night. How cozy does the coat look! We could ditch our teddy bears for this coat. 


We can not deny that we love to see the 'diamond' singer, Rihanna in different avatar all the time and of course we now know that she loves drooping over-sized jackets and coats.