Hollywood actress Rihanna’s style and evolution statement

From emerging artist to fearless fashionista, Rihanna's had more makeovers than most. When listing off fearless fashionistas, Rihanna is always at the top of our list.

Rihanna Hollywood actress Rihanna’s style and evolution statement Source : Press

Asking someone to jump in a shark tank for the sake of fashion is an exercise in insanity. But Rihanna is not just someone. If you can believe it, Rihanna has been gracing us with her presence for a whole ten years now. Yes, it's been an actual decade since she released her first single, and the amount of different looks she's managed to pull off during that time is cuh-razy. In fact, trying to keep up with them has given us a mild case of whiplash - not that we mind, because celebs changing up their style is our everything. We've somehow managed to narrow down the mahoosive selection of her best and most outrageous looks to a top 43 . Whether it be as the face of Dior, her eccentric stage get-ups or impeccable street style, there really is nothing Rihanna can't wear. From Pon De Replay to Work, Rihanna has made a name for herself in both music and fashion as one of the elite artists who can walk the line between the two. A luxury designer-fave, Rihanna can easily be spotted on the FROW at any fashion show, calling Christian Dior and Alexander Wang close friends and collaborators. And when Rihanna is the ultimate spokesperson, it's no wonder the fashion world flocks to see her latest wears. Most recently, Rihanna looked the picture of summer as she stepped out on the streets of NYC. Sporting a simple white strappy dress, with bold floral motifs, Rihanna also accessorised to the max, wearing her new Dior sunglasses range (love!) and beige Stella McCartney platforms.

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