Celebrities who slayed in dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are said to be originated from Lord Shiva which was mostly likely seen in the Egypt. But we are not here to tell you the history, we will show you the celebs who totally slayed in the dreadlock.

Celebrities who slayed in dreadlocks Celebrities who slayed in dreadlocks Source : Press

Dreadlocks go way back to ancient Egypt and even till North Africa and for that matter, Indian sadhus also seem to be big fans of dreadlocks. But it is very rare that a celeb would even try to go for that option until Bob Marley started the trend. Let’s see who slayed the dreadlocks in today's time;  

1. Shakira who tried the locks which were subtle


It was the Colombian sensation, yes the one and only Shakira whose hips don’t lie had dreadlocks which were seen in her 2010 song, Loca and Can’t Remember To Forget You. It looked very simple twisted locks which looked quite good one her. 

2. Angelina Jolie who once went for the look


Yes you read that right, the Salt actress went for the look and oh my, she looked liked like a hot gangsta. Angelina has always been mysterious by nature but with the locks on, she was even more fascinating. She was also seen in the dreadlocks in the 2000 movie, Gone in 60 seconds. 

3. Lady Gaga just killed the look


The ‘Poker Face’ singer also went for the look and literally killed the internet with her look. She showed off the dreadlocks in December of 2013 which were knee length long and during those days Gaga was one hell of a fashion icon .

4. Zendaya Coleman which created a controversy


It was when the Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic made a comment on her attire and her dreadlocks by saying that her hair would just smell like ‘patchouli oil’ and ‘weed’ which was actually racist and Zendaya felt bad about it and took the situation to Twitter.

5. Rihanna’s new dreadlocks look



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It was just a day ago that the ‘work’ singer posted a picture of herself showing off her new dreadlocks through the mirror and we must say she looks like a goddess in those locks. 

6. Kylie Jenner too tried the look for a few days


Kylie, the reality star too tried the look for a couple of days but however the locks were, she looked like a bombshell

7. Jason Momoa from GOT


They say we save the best for the last so did we. Khal Drogo from the famous ‘Game of Throne’, we mean Jason Momoa before he became Khal Drogo in GOT, he totally rocked the brown locks but nowadays he lets his wife Lisa Bonet be the main attraction in terms of locks.