Best and Worst dressed: Star Screen Awards 2016

So, this is how celebrities dressed up at the Red Carpet of Star Screen Awards, while we loved some, some came out as a big disaster. Here are looks from the awards!

Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor Best and Worst dressed: Star Screen Awards 2016 Source : Press

So it was the big night yesterday with almost everyone from the movie industry present. While some looked really charming, others really gave us a new definition for the word 'unattractive'. Check out the dressed and also over the top dressed right here!



So it is Kriti Sanon against Bipasha Basu this time. The actress swayed their ways on the Red Carpet with their Satin Red gown. While Kriti Sanon looked alluring and sensual, Bipasha couldn't give a tough fight to Kriti. Although she looked equally hot, but watching Bipasha in the red gown reminded us of the statement "Been there, done that". We've seen her so many times in the same kind of attire, so nothing was so appealing or attractive about it. 



The two started their careers together. Time and again both the actresses have been compared. While Deepika is blamed for copying Sonam a lot of times, Sonam has always stood out as a fashionista. Seems like history is going to repeat it self. Sonam looked no less than a swanky and classy diva in her white and black gown. While Deepika pathetically failed to impress us this time. We loved the big black rose, but all that frill twirling around her, just wasn't required. 



It was the battle of the 'S'. Sonali V/s Surveen we mean! While Sonali looked all sultry in her maroon shade gown, Surveen basically spoiled her look for the red carpet. The color went way too bright we assume. Sonali on the other hand swayed it all the way with her perfect hair and dress combo!





It's clearly Disha Patani winning the show here. Alia Bhatt who never missess to impress us, just did it this time. Her cream and black attire just couldn't make it to the best of red carpet looks. What is the black thing? A legging? Probably an ill fitted one we assume. The make up too over all made her look really dull. Yes, we are talking about the eye shadow here. Disha Patani on the other hand took all the praises from us, for her simple dark green attire with a bit of bling with it. Alia you can do so much better, we know. 



Both Sonam and Tammanah have dissapointed us completely. Seems like self proclaimed fashion critique Sonam, missed out this time. It was just too much too take at once. Right from her over the top dirty green saree to her over the top big jwellery. Simple would have worked wonders for you Sonam. Tamanah on the other hand looked funny in her "Through Out cuts" skirt. The "Dhinchak" touch to the attire seems like caught all our eyes, to the extent that we could hardly pay attention at her black top and pretty face. 



If there was ever a "Sunflower of the night" award, it would be difficult choosing between these two! Tanisha the gown had a beautiful pattern, how we wish you would have chosen a different colour. And for the Pyaar Ka Puchnama actress Sonnalli Seygall, you just need a stylist right away. These dresses just don't go with the Red Carpet Vibe!



Both these boys were suited and booted on point. We loved Sushant especially. Words sure fall less for us to describe how amazing he looked in the black ensemble. Varun on the other hand made us smile with his cute looks! The man decided to keep green as the theme and dressed up in a dark green suit. the blazer had an essential zipper, which helped zip up the big and bold mouths of all the fashion critiques!