Some fashion blunders of Bollywood actor and actresses

Remember looking at our old pictures and laughing our asses off because of the fashion choices that we made? Even celebrities have made major faux pas.

Govinda Some fashion blunders of Bollywood actor and actresses Source : Press

We generally follow fashion trends from Bollywood blindly. Celebrities start a trend and we follow. Mostly the trends are very sophisticated and fashionable but some are absolute disasters. You won’t mind questioning the celebrities on how and why they came up with a specific trend. Kajol could not save her from the blunder that she made when she decided to put on this curtain of a dress. No doubts regarding the sense dressing of our very own ‘chichi bhaiya’ as he is famously called. Wearing all sorts of outfits, Govinda should surely settle for a sophisticated stylist who should style him according to his personality. Rakhi Sawant is not new to this list. Such talent she has, that I had a tough time deciding which is her worst look. Kudos, woman! As much as we respect his dad for the amazing style and fashion sense, we are sometimes shocked how Abhishek Bachchan wears just anything from his wardrobe. Having the best resources available, we expect the best as well. Gauahar Khan usually nails it on the red carpet, but she just looks like a high school student dressed up for Halloween. Never seen well dressed, Uday Chopra is featured in our list of worst-dressed celebs. Wearing chappals under baggy jeans and a cardigan in Mumbai’s scorching heat, Uday seriously needs some style advice for sure. What’s up with that ages old scarf and never-seen eyeballs? Mika is always seen wearing sunglasses, yes, at night too. Many people have been trying to find out the real reason behind this style but it is still known only to Mika.

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