'Khubsoorat' Rekha's big hairdo blunder!

We would never really expect such a big hairdo blunder from someone like the legendary Rekha! But well, it has happened. It comes as a shock!

Rekha 'Khubsoorat' Rekha's big hairdo blunder! Source : Press

We would never really expect this, from someone like Rekha! She has always maintained her poise and grace in those pretty golden Kanjeevaram Saris. But we wonder what happened this time? Something was sure wrong with the lady, otherwise why would someone whose fashion is as celebrated as her, would do this mistake? Well, it all happened at Neil Nitin Mukesh's reception party. The lady was seen wearing her patented golden Kanjeevarm sari but this time along with a lot of golden jewelry. It couldn't look any more over the top. And if that wasn't enough, Rekha was also seen wearing a fresh Festoon aka Gajra, making it look all the more worse! It would have been so much better, if instead of the Gajra topped up so high, she would have kept it a little low, also, the hair bun that she had, was very tight. Not to forget her gaudy makeup. Seems like Rekha's stylist was a little too enthusiastic while dressing her up this time. Check this picture:

Apart from her gaudy make up and over the top hairdo, there was another thing that caught our attention too! Don't you think Rekha is acting a bit too weird? The always with her own 'attitude' and style, who would rarely even wait to pose for the shutterbugs, was seen in a way too friendly behaviour with the shutterbugs yesterday. We wonder what was so wrong with her? 

On professional front, Rekha was last seen in the 2014 movie 'Super Naani'.