Hollywood diva’s messed up, horrible fashion sense

Sometimes even the most stylish celebrities get it all wrong. Talking of our favorite Hollywood celebs, the red and green carpets have been paraded by many stars who simply overdid it.

Academy Awards Hollywood diva’s messed up, horrible fashion sense Source : Press

Since the dawn of celebrity, fame and fashion have gone hand-in-hand. Musicians, actors, and artists of all kinds dream of walking down the red carpet to the flash of paparazzi cameras and adulation from their peers – all the while looking as glamorous as possible. And from the Academy Awards, to the Grammys, to the millions of openings, parties, and events happening year-round in Hollywood, everyone aims to look their best. However, sometimes there are these famous individuals that either never quite figure out how to dress, or end up trying too hard and failing miserably. Our very own Julianne Moore showed off her struts in metallic and cream Chanel gown. Studded with black stones, the best actress nominee’s gown was not only a wrong fit but looked more of a sack studded with stones. Hope you surprise us in a better way next time, Julianne! In the mid-1980s, there were very few pop stars bigger than Cher. Having successfully resuscitated her singing career, Cher cut her acting teeth with critically acclaimed roles in Moonstruck, and The Mask among others. She ultimately won an Academy Award for her role in the former. But, at the 1986 Academy Awards, Cher showed up in this number looking more like an evil peacock with an unusually large face, than an award-winning actress. We were all shocked to see the Speed star in this black gown, pink gown at the Golden Globe 2014. This color block number was a mess up of the color palette and came out to be a big bore for fashion critics. The lady known for her over the top get-ups smashed it this time with this bizarre get-up where she must have thought to dress up like Cinderella in this white embellished gown red rubber gloves. No doubt, this look went viral with her look being compared to that of a maid and toilet cleaner!

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