5 Home Remedies To Beat The Heat This Summer

These are some common home remedies to reduce the heat in one’s body. Try out these remedies to beat the intense hot weather.

5 Home Remedies To Beat The Heat This Summer 5 Home Remedies To Beat The Heat This Summer Source : Press

5 home remedies to beat the heat this summer Once again Summers are beginning to get unbearable. As the temperature is on a rapid rise, one must be prepared to face it. No matter how much you love summer, your body needs to maintain its temperature and for that we have just the right home remedies. Without exaggerating any further here are some home remedies to beat the heat.

1. Keep yourself hydrated: drinking lots of fluids will help your body temperature get back to normal in ways that nothing else will. Coconut water and lemonade will give you additional energy to spend on your summer.

2. Say no to synthetic and dark coloured clothes : Save your synthetic, tight and dark coloured clothes for cooler days. To keep your body cool, wearing light coloured, loose cotton clothes will be of big help. It wonʼt only be super comfortable for you but also it will let the air circulation through out your body be proper.

3. Cool your sheets: This might sound weird to some of you but I personally do this every single day before I go to bed. Throw your bed sheets into the freezer for 5-10 minutes and then put them back on your bed, woooo your bed just got a 10 times better feel to it.

4. Cold showers: Cold showers are almost as calming and relaxing as some of the expensive spa treatments. Cold showers have other benefits as well, such as; it lowers stress and enhances skin and hair.

5. Be an early bird: organise your trips to the bank and grocery stores in the morning before the heat gets wild. This way you just donʼt have to deal with the blazing sun.

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