5 foods to avoid this monsoon

Monsoon can be incredibly beautiful but on the other hand one needs to Be safe and healthy in this weather of germs and viruses by avoiding the risks. Here’s a list of 5 food items to avoid this monsoon.

5 foods to avoid this monsoon 5 foods to avoid this monsoon Source : Press

Pouring rain comes along with the appetite for lip smacking and hot delicacies. But, it carries a wave of harmful and infectious germs too. The moisture in the air during monsoon season works as a medium for the spreading of diseases. And it is rightly said that better to be safe than sorry, so here is a list of 5 foods to avoid during monsoon season.

1.Street food: Tasty Pani puri, Bhel puri and Dahi puri sure are a sight for sore eyes during a monsoon shower but we suggest that you completely avoid eating these delicacies during monsoon. It is obvious that the roadside vendors are never as hygienic and clean as we’d like them to be and that means the food is  unhealthy and most likely to make you prone to diseases like jaundice and diarrhoea.

2.Golas and lollies: Golas and Lollies are a strict NO. They may look harmless to you but the water used in the preparation of these delicious sweets might be dirty and contaminated.

3.Fish and other Sea food: aaaaah! Fried fish and sea food soup gives us the taste of heaven on earth. But, avoid this insanely mouth watering food until the monsoon ends. Yes! I know it’s sad but that’s just how it is. Since monsoon is the breeding season for these creatures, fresh catch is scarce. Consuming sea food at this time of the year might put you in a bad situation health-wise.

4.Green leafy vegetables: Monsoon is a good excuse to avoid green leafy vegetables, since they are grown in swamps and reach the customers in an unhygienic form. So it’s a win-win situation for some of us, yeah? *winks* But, if it is a necessity make sure you wash and clean these vegetables thoroughly before cooking.

5.Fried Food: As the temperature gets lower due to the cold moisture in the air, our urge to get ourselves a cup of hot coffee and a plate of pakoras rise steeply. But the high humidity during rainy season makes us more prone to water borne diseases. Also salty food has a tendency to cause water retention.

Bottom note: Best way to fulfil your appetite in the monsoon season is to cook tasty food at home. Avoid eating out from the streets vendors and keep yourself hydrated with clean and distilled water.

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