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5 innovative alternatives to your traditional 'Fasting Food'

Gone are the days when fasting in Janmashtami simply meant eating 'Sabudana ka vada' or 'Sabudana ki Khichdi' here are some simple and easy to make alternatives.

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Gobi Tikka, Cauliflower Tikka

Gobi Tikka - Cauliflower Tikka

Learn how to make Gobi Tikka (Cauliflower Tikka) by following this simple recipe.

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Chicken Tikka

Special Chicken Tikka - Malai Cashew

Learn how to make Special Chicken Tikka (Malai Cashew) in an easy and fun way

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Mushrooms, Onion Rings

Deep Fried Mushrooms and Onion Rings

Delicious recipe of how to make Deep Fried Mushrooms and Onion Rings

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Tawa Fish Fry

Indian - Tawa Fish Fry

Learn the popular recipe of Tawa Fish Fry in simple steps. Its easy and crispy.

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Broccoli Cheese Balls

How To Make Broccoli Cheese Balls

how you can easily make a simple recipe of Broccoli Cheese Balls at home.

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Ocean Blue drink

How To Make Ocean Blue Drink

In this episode of Cooking Asia, we show how you can easily make a simple recipe of delicious Ocean Blue Drink at home.

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Mango Salad

Making Mango Salad has never been so easy!

In this episode of Cooking Asia we show you an easy recipe for a delicious Green Mango Salad.

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How To Make Falooda

Falooda is a traditional Indian dessert beverage sweetened with rose syrup and other flavors.

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Masala Uttapam, Indian food.

How To Make Masala Uttapam

Learn this simple, delicious recipe of how to make Masala Uttapam. This is one of the most loved breakfast in Mumbai, now make your morning's fresh with this video!

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Egg Bhurj

How to Make Egg Bhurji -Anda Bhurji

Egg Bhurji is an easy way of cooking scrambled eggs with onion and red chili powder. In this video, we teach you a simple recipe of how to make it.

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Snapper Fish Salad

Easy Recipe : How To Make Snapper Fish Salad

This video explains in a very easy way how you can easily make a delicious snapper fish salad.

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Palak Pakoda, Spinach Chips

Spinach Chips OR Palak Pakoda

Learn how to make crispy spinach Pakodas or palak pakodas in simple steps, exclusively by this episode.

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Vada Pav

Vada Pav The Indian Burger

Learn the Mumbai style Indian burger in simple steps with our video.

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Aloo Paratha

How to make Aloo Paratha

The ideal Do-it-yourself video for making yummy Aloo paratha!

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Egg Mayo Sandwich

How to make Egg Mayo Sandwich

Here is a helping hand for making Egg Mayo sandwich in very easy steps, all the way from Malaysia.

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Tycoon Chicken

Tycoon Chicken - Cartel Coffee Shop

Now learn how is tycoon chicken made in Cartel coffee shop LIVE with the help of our host Sara Rosli.

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