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OMG! Check out Varun Dhawan's "First Kiss" story.

Varun Dhawan

'First Kiss' is very special for everyone. We can probably forget all our teenage and childhood memories but never can we forget our 'First Kiss'. Something similar happened with Varun Dhawan, when he was asked to recall his first kiss. There are obviously awkward and embarrassing memories as well, but most of the time the fact that it happened is enough to bring a smile on our face. Varun had the same smile when he narrated the incidence to Miss Malini.

The actor apparently confessed "I’m not going to tell you her name. . . a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. Anyway, I was 13 years old, she was a year younger than me. It was at the back of her building. I don’t know why, but I thought I knew what I was going to be doing. I’d seen Titanic and all. After a few minutes of my fumbling around, she got impatient, caught me, said ‘what are you doing?’ and then just went for it. We sure couldn't stop laughing at this one.

Later the actor also confessed how the same girl broke his heart, by cheating on him. Yes, our 'Dishoom' actor has been cheated on. Awe, talking about it, Varun said "I was in HR college at the time. . . it was the first serious, long term relationship I’d been in. I think it had lasted four months. . . but then she cheated on me. I think I dealt with it okay; I’m a little dramatic – I’m an actor, after all – so I think I somewhere wanted to experience heartbreak anyway. There are supposed to be nine emotions, and you need to go through all of them to learn."

The actor also shared his take on relationship these days. The actor said "I don’t think this generation is as ‘fast’ as people say. I mean, the 70’s had their flower-power generation. It’s just a phase that they went thorough, and now we’re going through. Relationships are awesome, I think we need them. There’s lots of kinds; friendship, family… but you have to work on them, invest in your relationships,  in people."  Well, that we sure agree. We are all just being judged and mocked in the name of our relationships aren't we?! 

Varun Dhawan will be next seen in Judwa 2, which is about to go on the floors this year. The leading ladies for the movie are still under the wraps.

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