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REAL Snake On A Plane!


Passengers on a flight from Torreon to Mexico City were shocked to see a green serpent drop down from the overhead luggage compartment. A mobile video was shot by passenger Indalecio Medina as it wriggled its way and dropped. Medina was just reading his magazine before his neighbour nudged him to point out the serpent. He estimated the snake to be about 3 feet (1 meter). Passengers quickly unbuckled their seat belts before it dropped to the floor. People cooperated by trapping it with blankets provided by the flight attendant. According to Medina, even though it was a frightening situation, nobody became hysterical. They were calm and moving along.

The plane had to get priority landing status so workers could quickly secure the reptile. Aeromexico is still investigating how the reptile managed to get onto the flight in the first place. Have a look at the video on Twitter if you haven’t already! Don’t you just want Samuel L. Jackson to say “I’m sick of these motherf*****g snakes on these motherf*****g planes!” That would be wicked no?

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