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Five RARE Birthmarks!


Have you ever wondered where the writers of X-Men got their ideas for describing mutants? It may have stemmed from the very real and biological phenomenon of mutations. Those suffering may not be as cool as the comics and big screen make them out to be. The only thing similar about the real and fictional characters is the amount of suffering they endure for being different. Below are five rare birthmark mutations that give no superpowers to their owners. It looks a bit bizarre, and cool in a way. But we salute the people who have had to endure the hatred from passerby’s and family.  

1.    Real Life Wolverine – This man looks like he is part man, part wolf, but look closer. He’s covered in a giant birthmark that is coated with hair. Zhang Hongming from China is nicknamed Chimpanzee. He asked for help from doctors. We hope all works out well for the Werewolf man!


2.    Connie The Clown – Is she a natural born clown? No way, Connie was born with a benign tumor that blocked her nose. She suffered bullying and felt more embarrassed when doctors left her with no hope. It looks she is having the last laugh now, after the surgeon gave her a nose like her beautiful mother. 

3.    Human Ninja Turtle – Didier Montalvo suffered from congenital Melanocytic Nevus, a mole that covers the entire back. He had, what appeared to be a huge, shell-like growth on his body. He was teased and banned for the growth. It all came to an end, thanks to an English doctor, who despite learning of the boy’s financial difficulty, decided to treat him. 

4.    The Little Devil – Doctors treated this young boy’s unusual birthmark by implanting horns on his forehead. George Ashman was born with a red blemish on his forehead. He underwent four surgical procedures to stretch the normal skin and recovered with new tissue. 

5.    Scarface – An 8 year old Chinese boy, An Qi was born with a large birthmark covering the right side of his face. It kept getting bigger and hairier as he got older. He is going to get his surgery fee waived off. His entire treatment will be completed in four stages.

So here we have the real superheroes, which were truly different than us and overcame them by enduring all of life’s harsh realities. 


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