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10 Weird Facts About Sleep!

Enjoy 10 facts that could make you more aware about the most important ritual of the day … we mean night!

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The Mysterious Temples of India!

India’s enigmatic temples are more than just places of worship. Learn the divine phenomena people experience in these sacred sites.

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Ancient History

Weird ORIGINS Of Humanity!

This unique Adam and Eve story will take you out of this world

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Five WEIRD Bathrooms!

Which of these strange toilets would you pick to finish your business?

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REAL Snake On A Plane!

Passengers on a Mexican flight were shocked to see a green serpent crawling near the overhead luggage compartment.

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Five RARE Birthmarks!

Enjoy this tribute to five people who managed to overcome their genetic mutations and lead a normal life!

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Colorful Holiday

Five Most Colorful Places Around the World!

Look no further to decide where to go for a vacation, because we list down the most colourful places around the world!

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Five WEIRD Diseases!

Get to know more about the weird diseases that plague our world!

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Horrible Jobs

Five Worst Job Positions!

Wait until you hear about the five most degrading jobs across the world, and then talk about how much you hate your life.

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Barbie Dolls

Five Unbelievable Barbie Doll Girls

A girls obsession for barbie dolls does not just end with childhood!

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Top Five Illuminati Theories!

Stay informed with the latest conspiracy theories dominating the world...!

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Weird Questions

5 Weird Questions to Ask A Guy!

Ladies, here are are five questions to get the truth out of your potential guy!

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10 Weird facts about pregnancy!

The miraculous birthing process could be more bizarre than you think; here are 10 facts that will leave you wondering …

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Scam Doctor

SCAM Doctor From India Who STOLE Kidneys!

Pretend doctor Amit Kumar performed surgeries on his ailing patients by stealing organs from the poor

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World's BIGGEST Lips, WTF

OMG!! World's BIGGEST Lips

Looks like desperation is the key to blunders...and we are not talking about those small goof ups! A woman desperate to look like cartoon character Jessica Rabbit ended up having the world's biggest lips after having 100 silicone injections.

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Insomnia, Wtf

Man Who Hasn't Slept For 3 Decades

A man in Vietnam hasn't slept for more then 33 years now. The man suffers from the extreme condition of Insomnia. However there is not much of a health problem he is facing because of the same.

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Baby born PREGNANT with twins

There is a mysterious medical condition occurred in China which has left doctors baffled. It's something that has never been witnessed before. A baby was born pregnant with twins.

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fashionable kids

High Heels Designed For Babies

Don't be amazed if you see little ones flaunting high heels soon.The fashion police didn't even leave babies now!!! High heels for little babies have made their way called Pee Wee Pumps which are collapsible heels designed specially for kids.

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Royal cat

Russia’s Hermitage Museum Is Filled With Cats

State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is a home for world’s most valued treasures as well as about 70 cats. Astonishing isn't it? But well the cats get treatment here, which is not less than a royal one.

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Photo of the Baby Elephant, Photo of the child looking like baby Elephant.

Is that a baby or lord Ganesha in disguise?

A Norwegian couple gave birth to a child that looks like baby elephant. The child was born in 2015, and now the couple is planning to sell the baby in India.

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