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Shama Sikander is back in news

Shama Sikander

Best known for her role in Sony's popular TV show, 'Yeh Meri Life Hai', Shama Sikander has been away from limelight for 8 years. Rumors were doing the rounds that the actor had quit the entertainment industry, but the actress was battling bipolar disorder.

Having recovered from the medical condition, the actress feels confident now as can be seen from her latest updates on her Instagram account. The actress has transformed into a fit and sexy figure. The actress looked stunning in her latest pictures so much so that she couldn't be recognized at the first glance. There were rumors of her having gone under the knife for improving her looks but the actress denies having done any such procedure. “Everybody is looking for a quick-fix solution, but I have not undergone any surgery. There was a time when I considered liposuction, but when the doctor explained the procedure to me, I dropped the idea. It took me two years to get back into shape. The change in me came from within. I think good thoughts, which is why I look better now,” Shama said, reacting to rumors.

Remembering the hardships she had to face while she was diagnosed with the disorder, “Alexx (her ex-boyfriend), suspected that I had bipolar disorder and advised me to consult a doctor. But at that time, I didn’t want to get cured; I just wanted to give up. I even tried to commit suicide one night. I swallowed several sleeping pills at one go. Just before slipping away, I texted my brother my bank account details, which made him panic. He immediately called my mother to check on me and I was rushed to the hospital,” the actor said.

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