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  • Friday 28 April 2017 / 12:17 AM IST
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Bigg Boss 10: Round and Round we go with fights and conflicts!

So, if you felt that yesterday's episode had too much of drama, and arguments, wait for today! Today's episode will have a lot more fights and arguments!

Manu Punjabi, Nitibha Kaul Bigg Boss: Round and Round we go with fights and conflicts! Source : Press

For all the people who thought that once Swami Om was out, there would be no entertainment, are hereby proved completely wrong. As the contestants of the house, continue to entertain with the same voltage of drama and dispute! In today's episode we will see all the contestants fighting for the infamous Bigg Boss "Ticket To Finale". Bigg Boss will be assigning a task for the same. According to the task, contestants will be dressed up as astronauts who will have to revolve around the "Ticket To Finale" kept in the center by walking in circles. They will also have to hold a bowl of water in their hands while doing so! The very moment that someone from the contestants will spill the water from the bowl or move out from the "circle walking" act by any means, will be termed as disqualified. When we mention " by any means", we also include pushing someone out of the circle. This will act as a big game changer. The promo's of the episode that has come out shows Manu Punjabi instigating Manveer to push Nitibha. This in turn will lead to Nitibha being all furious and walking slowly, so that every one following her, will end up falling! This leads to a tussle between Nitibha and Manu, and a big drama is what follows!


Also, what we noticed from the looks of it is, that Lopa might be the first one to get out. There was a sequence towards the end where we saw, Lopa toppling down. While we don't know if she is going to be out of the circle or not, we sure know it is going to one fun filled game! Also if specualtions are to be believed, Manu and Manveer are going to win the ticket. For now, it is just a rumor and we might have to wait for the episode to find that out!