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5 times Filmfare awards has been very unfair!

Filmfare Awards

After having worked for months over a movie, and giving their best performances, almost every actor wants a "Black Lady." But in return only a "chosen" few get it! By chosen, we mean chosen in literal sense! After all, how on earth could such a prestigious award organization and jury miss out on some of the best performances. Maybe we believe, because those best performances, don't have enough money to afford the award or as simple as the fact that they wouldn't want to buy the award? Yes, you read that right, time and again we have heard such news, but seems like it is actually true! After all, if this was not the case, then how could some of the brilliant actors of Bollywood stay without getting an award? or even a nomination and some of the most average performances, be judged as the best one? Have a look at the unfair history: 

1. Dharmendra has never won a filmfare award: The "Garam Dharam" yet the Shy Dharmendra has actually never won a filmfare award. The actor was nominated for four times, yet it wasn't even once that he could actually hold the black lady. Even some of his best performances, like "Phool aur Kaante", "Mera Gaaon Mera Desh", "Yaadon Ki Baarat", "Resham Ki Dori" were never applauded.  Although the actor won a lifetime achievement award in 1997, but that's all that has been in Dharam Paaji's fate!

2. When Rishi Kapoor won an award for Bobby against Amitabh Bachchan's Zanjeer: We all know the importance, Zanjeer holds in Amitabh Bachchan's life. It was only after this movie, that actor actually got an unquestionable place in the industry! Why wouldn't he? After we all, still get gossebumps the moment we hear, "Jab tak baithne Ko na Kaha Jaaye, khade Raho, ye Police Station hai, tere baap ka ghar nahi." Don't we? Such was the performance, but again here too, it was Rishi Kapoor's Bobby who got the award. And that's not all! Rishi Kapoor after 50 years of winning that award, recently gave a statement, where he very honestly said that the award was actually a paid one! Yes, Rishi Kapoor had bought the award by paying money for the same!  Shocking isn't it?

3. It was because of Filmfare that Aamir Khan stopped attending award functions: Very few know the reason why Aamir Khan stopped attending Award Functions! The actual reason dates back to the filmfare awards held in 1996. Aamir Khan was nominated for the best actor's award for his movie Rangeela. The actor after having delivered a tremendous performance was sure, that he will win the award. His hopes however were shattered when instead of him, Shah Rukh Khan won the award for Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. It has been since then, that the actor has never ever been a part of any award function! After this rightfully, Filmfare can be held responsible for breaking heart of one of the biggest actor of Bollywood!

4. Govinda has never won a best actor awards for Filfmfare: We all know him as the "King Of Fun" movies. No matter how old we grow, we will still be dancing at some random raja babu song in a DJ party. We are Indian's, and sure we can never get over "Govinda". The entertainment he provided, can be given by none! In spite of all this, the actor has not even once won the award under the best actor's category! Poor Guy!

5. Akshay Kumar has not even been nominated this year in spite of Airlift and Rustom: Sadly, in spite of giving so many meaningful movies and hits, Akshay Kumar has still not won a filmfare award. In fact with all the more anger we have to tell you that, Akshay has not even been nominated for Rustom and Airlift. Yes, while not being nominated for rustom was understandable, not being nominated for Airlift was a big shock to all Akshay Fans! Sure, this time Filmfare has been very unfair! We condemn it completely!

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10 जनवरी 1974 को जन्मे ऋतिक रोशन के पिता राकेश रोशन और दादा रोशन पहले से ही इस इंडस्ट्री में अपना मुकाम बना चुके थे. दादा संगीतकार थे. तो पिता ने एक्टर के तौर पर शुरूआत की थी पर कामयाब हुए एक डायरेक्टर के रूप में. ऋतिक के अंकल राजेश रोशन एक बेहद ही कामयाब संगीतकार हैं.

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गुलजार ने जब ये देखा तो संजीव कुमार को समझा कर वो सुचित्रा सेन को उनके रूम में छोडने चले गए. और उनको भी समझाने लगे. गुलजार साहब जैसे ही सुचित्रा सेन के कमरे से निकले राखी ने उनके देख लिया. और होटल में ही जोर जोर से गुलजार पर चिल्लाने लगी. फिर गुस्से में गुलजार ने राखी को कमरे में ले जाकर बहुत मारा. कहते हैं गुलजार ने राखी को इतना मारा था कि उनके शरीर पर नीले रंग के निशान पड़ गए थे.

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