Bollywood celebrities take a Dig At Award Shows

Check out what do Bollywood Celebs like Taapsee Pannu and Paresh Rawal have to say about Award functions here.

taapsee pannu, paresh rawal, subhash ghai, Bollywood celebrities take a Dig At Award Shows Source : Press

We should not believe everything we see as it can be a deception and why we say this? Because a lot of celebrities have recently opened up about the harsh reality behind award functions and how it doesn't mean anything to them. The actors became vocal about award shows and its credibility which is not openly spoken about.

During recent revelations, the Pink star Taapsee Pannu stated that for her, awards are nice to be placed on the shelves of her living room and that's about it. She has no craze for it. 

On the other hand, veteran actor Paresh Rawal stated his discomfort on not being nominated for a film like OMG - Oh my god. Paresh Rawal also said that for him awards are worthless and are as useless as a tail on a teddy bear. The actor lost all hopes from award functions and said how the omission of great movies and actors from the deserving categories has lessened the value of awards.

Famous filmmaker Subhash Ghai compared the older times and said that popular awards lost their credibility long ago when they were turned into star-studded stage shows and commercial events for television channels. He said: 'Filmfare was the first awards function to turn commercial when they tied up with a gutka brand. The rest followed. Earlier, all the awards were for excellence and not for commercial branding."

Actors started telling some grave secrets about award shows after Rishi Kapoor stated how he bought a Filmfare years ago for almost Rs. 30,000.

So guys, do you also agree that awards have actually lost all their credibility?

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