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Raj Kapoor
A man like Raj Kapoor is born once in 100 years, says Randhir Kapoor

Actor Randhir Kapoor feels that whatever knowledge he has about cinema is because of his father as he was always there to guide him.

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp surprises fans in a hidden avatar on a Disneyland ride

According a source, reporting from the Disneyland, everyone on the ride was shocked and excited to see him. The actor acted just like his character, Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Gul Panag
Gul Panag: I have been fortunate to make the kind of cinema that I always wanted to

The actress is busy with her work commitments nowadays and rarely says yes to a film role unless it’s really interesting.

Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma: My twitter profile is an extension of my thoughts

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma feels that if anyone doesn’t like what he posts, they are free to un-follow his twitter profile.

Doctor Dolittle
'Doctor Dolittle' shifts Release date to avoid competition from 'Star Wars'

The feature film, whose rights were picked by Universal Pictures, recently was slated to hit the silver screen globally on May 24, 2019 but to avoid competition from other movies; it has moved its release date to April 12, 2019.

Glaser Wiel conflict to be reconsidered in Tupac Biopic Lawsuit regarding breach in the contract

According to an appellate panel, the L.A. county Supreme Court should have looked harder at the relationship between law firm Glaser Weil and its clients before deciding to deny a motion for disqualification.

Billy Ray Cyrus
Why did Billy Ray Cyrus change his name?

Miley Cyrus's dad has become one of the most sensational topics of the town! The man has recently changed his name and here's the reason!